The Business Exchange, along with its network of professionals, provides a number of services to business owners, property owners, investors, individuals or groups that are seeking to operate a business, sell a business or purchase investment real estate. These services include:

  • Confidential Business Sales

  • Mergers and Acquisitions

  • Corporate Dispositions

  • Auctions of Property, Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment

  • Commercial Real Estate Sales and Leasing

  • Tenant & Landlord Representation

  • Investment Property

  • Property Management

  • 1031 Exchanges

  • Education as to the process of selling a business

  • Helping to understand the Psychology of buying or selling a business

  • Advising & orchestrating the sale, purchase or merger of a business

  • Coordinating the entire sale, purchase, funding process

  • Providing a profile, analysis or valuation of the business as a whole

  • Providing funding sources in order to finance receivables, inventory or capital equipment

  • Providing funding sources for business expansion

  • Providing funding sources to the purchaser of the business

  • Introducing tax strategists for buyers or sellers

  • Introducing financial planning & wealth strategists

  • Referring legal counsel for closings etc…

  • Delivering honest, effective, respectful and timely service