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Dan Sperry’s entrepreneurial pursuits over the last 15 years have allowed him to be involved in starting, acquiring, operating and investing in dozens of businesses and commercial property interests.  These include hospitality management, hotel investment property, retail, service, real estate brokerage and commercial property development. Since 2000, his focus has been on business sales, mergers and acquisitions throughout the Midwest.

Mr. Sperry has ownership interest in hospitality operations, investment properties and service companies.

Mr. Sperry has also had the opportunity to become involved in the franchise industry, both as a franchise owner of a real estate office and retail store front, as well as representing buyers and sellers of various franchise operations. He also represented numerous independently owned businesses.

Mr. Sperry’s diverse background as an owner and operator ofbusinesses helps him to relate to the same challenges his clients face when they are in the process of selling their business. Through his experience Mr. Sperry can quickly identify the challenges that arise when selling a business and work toward achieving possible solutions. Mr. Sperry can relate to seller concerns and understands the idiosyncrasies involved in selling their business.

With a leading approach to client service and a passion for results, Dan has built his reputation on leading his buyers and sellers through the complex lifecycle of a business acquisition. Dan recognizes the dynamic relationship between current market conditions, emerging trends, and price. He uses this paradigm to his advantage when negotiating. Understanding the factors that set price is critical; this is the key to getting deals done.

With business transfers taking place in the states of Illinois, Indiana and Missouri, The Business Exchange has offices in Central Illinois, Chicago, Illinois Indianapolis, Indiana and in St Louis, Missouri.

Specialties: Specialist in the sale of hospitality and retail properties, including hotels, liquor stores, gas stations, convenience stores, restaurants, service, manufacturing and distribution facilities.